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Event Management is quite a task in itself. Hosting an event can be a game changer for companies, a meeting point for exchange of ideas and forming strategies allies. If it is a large-scale event in the CRM sphere, it can quickly become a nightmare if not managed and planned well.

CRMArena steps in to support CRM Events so that companies can concentrate on getting more value out of the actual events. The aim to provide end-to-end services that are specific to the nature of events in the CRM world using our domain experience that can help you leverage the best practices for the event’s success.

Our simple-to-use interface allows you to initiate, book, plan and customise CRM events, accept registrations from participants from around the globe, track and manage the schedules and financials related to these participations. We will then market and spread the word around using multiple channels to maximise footfall for your event.

With our strong focus on aspects that are unique to events in the CRM industry, we can boost your event to be a roaring success and grab the news headlines!

At CRMArena, our vision is to become the most preferred virtual hub in the world of limitless and fantastic CRM opportunities.

CRMArena’s rich spectrum of experts can help seekers understand what solutions suit their CRM needs, from simple web-based technologies to customised large-scale complex products. Design, implementation, tailoring, support, upgrades of CRM solutions can be executed reliably and conveniently with the CRMArena backbone.

" Your gateway to the latest CRM buzz, custom CRM projects and grand CRM events hosted around the globe! "


CRMArena is an innovative CRM marketplace that bridges the gap between industry leaders who need customer-centric solutions for boosting their business, and those who can guide and provide them the best-fit answers.

CRMArena has been conceptualised to be the target platform for enterprise and individuals who want to mould businesses to revolve around customer relationships. We aim to facilitate decision makers to increase their business value by assisting them to invest in robust CRM solutions and strategies for improving value to their customers.

We are the ideal sourcing site for businesses seeking profound customer relationship management information. We provide the structural framework for ensuring the latest products, developers, clients and CRM gurus are but just a click away. With our guarantee, the seekers and providers can build a strong relationship with common gaols to engage in customer-centric strategies. We provide deep insights via smart analytics into each type of industry to identify and address its unique needs.

We also enable hosting of fabulous CRM events with easy registrations from across the globe, taking care of every detailed aspect of the event.



Exclusive marketplace services for CRM

A melting pot of options CRM solution seekers and providers – empower flexible staffing models



Be the talk of CRM business world

Create, organize, host and manage fabulous events in the CRM domain

Give your participants a raving experience!



Exclusive marketplace services for CRM

A melting pot of options CRM solution seekers and providers – empower flexible staffing models

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